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Miss Lynn C.L. Hsieh

Miss Lynn C.L. Hsieh graduated in Taiwan Cultural University, and migrated to Hong Kong in the 1980’s. Ms. Hsieh was earlier engaged in the garment industry, and is now actively involved in financial and real estate investments in Hong Kong and the mainland.

Apart from her successful business endeavour, Ms. Hsieh is also well versed in Chinese painting and calligraphy, and is the disciple of Master Huang Jun-bi for many years.

Being a truly benevolent person, Ms. Hsieh devotes her time to taking up various community services. She once served on the Board of Directors of Yan Chai Hospital, and made great contributions.

Ms. Hsieh is especially concerned about the under-privileged children in the remote mountainous regions of China, and participates in school building projects, because she believes that providing education for the young is the key to averting poverty there.

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