Teacher Training

Starting from 2001, the Fund had sponsored and organized training courses for teachers in the mountainous areas, aiming at widening their horizon and updating them with the latest teaching concept and methodology.

English Training Courses conducted by Hong Kong educators were held regularly each year to enhance the teaching skills of village English teachers. These courses were so popular that they were incorporated into the In-service training programmes for English teachers by the local Education Bureau in some regions.

Between 2006 and 2013, special seminars on Information Technology, art, physical education and student counselling were organized. From 2012 onward, more emphasis was put on organizing seminars for school principals, and workshops for class-masters. These programmes were very favorably received, as they helped participants to tackle problems in the classroom and gave them insight into modern teaching concepts and skills.

Awards for Outstanding Achievement were also given to village school teachers and head-masters as recognition of their excellent performances.

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