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Bursary Grants

In the early years, bursary grants were mainly awarded to needy students in the primary and secondary schools.  Since 2005, to meet the needs of the students and the fast economic developments of mainland China, bursary grants were awarded mainly to students in senior secondary schools and universities, and in special schools for handicapped children.

The students’ applications for bursary grants would be carefully screened. Beneficiary students were required  to submit academic reports each year, and write “Thank You Letters”  to the specific donors sponsoring their studies. This would help to cultivate in them the virtues of feeling grateful and being helpful to others.

Over the past 20 years, the total donations exceeded RMB16 million, and the number of mainland students assisted reached 13,780.

In recent years, subsidies were also given to local students studying in The Institute of Vocational Education to enable them to participate in overseas training or attachment programmes, involving a total donation of HK$2.66 million.

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