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Cultural Exchanges

One of the objectives of the Fund is to broaden the outlook of the young people in Hong Kong through cultural exchanges. For the past 20 years, a variety of activities were organized or sponsored for students, like youth leadership training, visits to historical sites, educational institutes, farms etc., to enable them to know more about the lifestyle, historical, and economical developments of mainland China. This would help Hong Kong students acquire better understanding of their counterparts in the mainland and develop a positive attitude in life.

The cultural exchanges were two-way. Each year, about 30 mainland university students receiving bursary grants from the Fund would be sponsored on a 5-day trip to Hong Kong, to visits tertiary institutions, Legislative Council, ICAC etc. which would give them greater exposure.

Since 2004, the Fund also sponsored Hong Kong students to participate in National and local academic competitions, including the Hua Luogeng Cup Mathematics Competitions, and the National Chinese Prose-writing Competitions, and achieved good results.

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